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anna verges tortras

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

Anna Vergés Tortras

Lawyer specialized in Medical Health Law. Due to her professional career at firms such as DELOITTE, Arasa De Miquel & Associates Lawyers, and Joaniquet-Tamburini Procurators, among others, she has comprehensive training in counseling judicial and extrajudicial, mainly in civil and commercial matters. Master in Commercial and Corporate Law by the Bar Association of Barcelona.


In addition to her career as a lawyer,she is speaker at the Master of Health Law taught by CESIF-EUPHARLAW Madrid, speaker in the Course of Health Law given by the Bar Association of Barcelona and regular columnist in the publication “Health and Medicine” of EL PERIODICO, as well as in other legal and health publications such as Lawyerpress, FORJIB and Health Journal 2.0 La Torre Barcelona.


Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French

Contact information: – 93.624.39.30


Lawyer specialized in Labor Law and Social Security, specifically in the areas of collective bargaining, litigation and labor restructuring, as well as in the representation of senior managers. Advisor in the negotiation of collective agreements, company agreements, sector agreements, transfers Collective bargaining, modification of collective working conditions and withdrawal from the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, supplementing their professional practice with representation in courts and tribunals of the social order as well as in extrajudicial negotiations.


Degree in law by the Universitat de Barcelona and a Master’s Degree in Labor Law and Social Security by Universidad UPF-IDEC. He also belongs to the body of mediators and conciliators of the Tribunal Laboral de Catalunya and is a speaker in various business schools and professional colleges.


Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English

Contact information: – 93.624.39.30

“Si el hombre fracasa en conciliar la justicia y la libertad, fracasa en todo”. Albert Camus

“Una cosa no es justa por el hecho de ser ley. Debe ser ley porque es justa”. Montesquieu

Alba Torres Masgoret

Lawyer specialized in Medical Health Law, she has extensive experience in advising medical and healthcare activities as well as in civil and commercial conflict resolution.


Education: Law degree by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Master in Health Law, Bioethics and Health Law to EU, Pharmaceutical Law Course by the Bar Association of Barcelona, Advanced Course Degree in Consumer Complaints by Legálitas and Juan Carlos University of Madrid, Professional Course in conflict resolution by Cum Laude.


Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and basic French

Contact information: – 93.624.39.30

Patricia Sala Segura

Lawyer specialized in Labour Law and Social Security. She has wide experience in Labour counseling for companies, as well as workers. She advises companies from the field of payroll management as in Human Resources management. She also advises non-profit associations and organizations.


Degree in Law by University ESADE and a Master’s degree in access to Advocacy and Labour Law and Human Resources by ESADE. Postgraduate in accounting, tax and labour consultancy by the CEF Business School.


Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French

Contact information: – 93.624.39.30

“El ignorante afirma, el sabio duda y reflexiona”. Aristóteles