In VERGÉS LAWYERS we offer personalized, quality service for our customers


Our team at VERGÉS LAWYERS is fully geared to help customers in organizing and structuring their business and its management from a commercial and tax point of view. We also take its defense on procedural issues in their relationship, both with large corporations in the sector and with the client/patient/provider itself.

In VERGÉS LAWYERS we have a high level of expertise in the medical and health field


  • We counsel in the planning of the set up of all types of commercial companies as well as design corporate strategy, with continued advice from the inception to its liquidation, roughly meaning: statutory changes, capital increases, changes in the administrative structures of power, etc.
  • Advice on reorganizations and restructurings of corporate groups.
  • Drafting of statutes, special shareholder agreements and partners’ agreements.
  • Assistance and counseling to the governing bodies in their daily work (acting as secretary of the Board).
  • Counsel on all types of commercial contracts.


  • Judicial and extrajudicial proceedings related to civil liability claims, claims for payment and banking procedures.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts: Real estate operations, leases, contracts with suppliers, non-competition contracts, etc.
  • Establishment and management of associations and foundations.
  • Advice on drafting and updating of informed consent, medical records and protection of personal data.
area civil


We act in court to defend especially the civil liability of doctors and health professionals in medical malpractice claims, damages resulting from its activity as well as in disputes with health entities to claim amounts due.


  • We plan and design business structures with their corresponding continuous tax advice, in order to optimize its direct and indirect taxation.
  • Advice on acquisitions and business transfers and business restructurings (mergers, transfers of branch activity, exchange of securities).
  • Analysis of the fiscal impact of remuneration policies.
  • Tax advice in real estate transactions.
  • Tax planning to optimize taxation of the individual (income tax, wealth tax).
  • Tax advice on inheritance and donations.
  • Tax planning for the implementation of the tax benefits of the family business in the wealth tax and the inheritance tax.
  • Assistance in tax inspections.


Judicial and extrajudicial assistance in:

  • Separations and divorces and common law couples dismiss.
  • Custody
  • Adoptions, filiations, child rights and grandparent visitation rights
  • Disabilities
  • Testate and intestate inheritances, inalienable succession, inheritance property division and contentious inheritances
  • Economic settlement of marital estates


  • We assist in the negotiation and drafting of contractual conditions of senior positions, particularly in matters relating to non-competition covenants and exclusivity.
  • We analyze contracts to establish the best strategies in case of termination of the relationship by the will of the senior management and the company with special emphasis on negotiating a compensation and obtaining agreements.
  • Recruitment: Assistance in the recruitment and management of staff and freelancers, extinction of labor relations and termination of contracts of service.
  • Changing working conditions and compensation and payment systems.
  • Defense before the High Courts and the Supreme Court, as well as the procedures followed by the Labour Inspectorate.


We have a consultation area that completes and supports the daily needs of companies and freelancers in matters such as accounting, filing tax returns and payroll management.